Announcing Léa Knows

Ever since I moved to Barcelona two years ago, I have tried to improve my level of Spanish by listening attentively to what people say and actively talk, even though my Spanish is far from perfect. I have also taken some classes but I realised that it is not what I am looking at the moment: my level is good enough to have a basic conversation, so I prefer talking to people than spending time in the classroom.

However, I am often faced with vocabulary that is unknown to me. So I take my smartphone out, load Google translate and find the answer. Awesome! Except 5 minutes later I invariably forget the word that I had looked for, so the process is very inefficient.

Recently, I have set out to fix this. I have been working on an app which works just like Google Translate, except it also records every translation search that you perform and later lets you train using flashcards so that you actually end-up learning the words that you searched.

I thought it would be fitting to call the app Léa Knows, after my daughter Léa who has a French speaking father, a Chinese speaking mother (from Taiwan), lives in Barcelona, where the local language is Spanish and Catalan, and has parents communicating in English to one another.

The app should be live within the coming weeks and you can already register on the Léa Knows website. What do you think? Please share your thoughts to let me know how to make it better!

If you think Léa Knows is a great idea and would like free access forever, please head over to the Léa Knows website and subscribe!

I hope it will be useful to some of you.