Who am I?

Sébastien is the creator of a number of technology companies ranging from web-development to consumer-oriented web services.

Sébastien previously co-founded Comufy, the world's most scalable real-time CRM system acquired by King Digital in September 2014 for £12M.

Sébastien is currently working on Kasaz, the only real-estate portal in Spain that "tells the truth". Kasaz verifies every listing so that you don't have to. Kasaz provides accurate information, accurate location, take professional photos, and make scheduling visits a breeze.

Sébastien is also angel investor and board member in a few startups including Yego, the coolest scooter-sharing startup based in Barcelona, previously known as Yugo.

He holds a Ph.D in Computer Science from the University of Kent.

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Kasaz aims to rehape the way real-estate is bought and sold today in Europe, starting with Spain. 
Our one-stop real-estate portal reduces time to purchase by connecting buyers and sellers in a platform where trust is key. We verify both parties identities, provide property accuracy and location, take professional photos, make scheduling visits a breeze and allow securing the property via escrow.


Macro Scale is a real-estate developer focusing on the luxury segment in Barcelona.
With top designers and world-class architects Macro Scale delivers some of the most high-end properties in Barcelona. 
Macro-Scale invests its own money into properties alongside co-investors, delivering impressive returns of up to 20% a year.



I do not do many investments, but sometimes I will see something that I really love and invest some cash.

By-the-minute scooter sharing

Yego is reinventing scooter sharing. With its modern mobile app, you can book a scooter anywhere in the city within seconds. You drop it wherever you want and you are charged a small amount every minute.
The height of convenience.


Past startups that I founded

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Comufy - CTO

At Comufy, we defined new ways of communicate with customers.
We were the first company in the world to allow sending messages directly to players on Facebook.

Our unique CRM technology allowed us to scale linearly to billions of users.

In September 2014, Comufy was acquired by King Digital, the world’s largest mobile gaming company for £12 million.

Chootta - CTO

In a world where you have no decision power over the way people contact you, Chootta’s revolutionary idea was to put the recipient of the discussion back in control by letting her decide how she wants to be contacted based on groups: family, friends, work, etc.

Whizlogic - CEO

Whizlogic was my first startup: A web-development company. I learned a lot from this first business and made numerous mistakes, which were fantastic learnings for my next businesses.

Education and Interests

University of Kent: Ph.D In Computer Science

September 2004 - July 2009

Thesis title: "Using class-level static properties to predict object lifetimes.", Canterbury, England.

Oxford Brookes: BSc in Computing

September 2003 - July 2004

1st class Honours degree, Oxford, England.

Université Pierre Mendes France: DUT informatique

September 2001 - July 2003

DUT Génie informatique, IUT2, Grenoble, France.

Other Certifications

  • 2016 – Pragmatic Marketing: Foundations

  • 2016 – Pragmatic Marketing: Build

  • 2015 – Speakfirst: Leadership essentials

  • 2015 – Speakfirst: Influencing with impact

  • 2001 – French chess federation: chess coaching degree

Other interests

  • Chess: My passion as a kid, from the age of 12, I spent my days and weekends learning about chess and playing it in competition. I eventually became semi-professional before the age of 18, achieving my highest rank in a competition as 18th in the French Championships for under 18. I hold an international ranking of 2039 elo.

  • Kite-Surf: Extreme sensations, extreme fun, I love it! I would stay on the water all day long if I could.

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